The introduction to this project starts with authentic connection.

Sunny Life is a people business.

Bootstrapped out of a backpack, a 4 foot table at a farmers market, and a big heart, this project has been incubated by the love of connection with one-another and celebrating the good we are striving for!

From customers, to artisans, and in between. Our focus is on making the most out of what we have to offer, for everyone involved.


Sunny Life’s hemp apparel is handcrafted - from fiber, to spool, to loom - entirely in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains in Nepal. For the 100+ farmers, weavers, dyers and artisans involved, we ensure the partnership provides valuable resources to all parties. Sunny Life strictly supports an equitable trade workshop that provides many social services to their workers, including:

  • Education for children of workshop workers
  • School supplies for the surrounding local community
  • Health care assistance to workers and other communities
  • Free skill training to increase access jobs
  • Clothing and food distribution to the countryside 
  • Disaster recovery support (landslides, earthquakes, etc)

As we grow and develop partnerships, we seek those with a heart for service. Our biggest collaboration exists with our dear friend and workshop owner and his family. With whom we design and develop our artisan crafts. His initiatives, among many, have resulted in the purchase of an ambulance to provide emergency assistance for his community. 

Finally, we are an active member and regular donor to the local Lions Club, which hosts a myriad of value aids across local and rural communities. Some of these include dental, medical & hearing aid camps plus clothing drives for those who would be unable to typically attain these.  

School Uniform Distrubution