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Face Shapes

We’ve created this helpful guide to get you started. If you’re new to hats or just want a place to start, then this guide is for you.

Diamond Shape

Similar to the styling strategy used with round faces, those with diamond faces will want to look for hats that create the illusion of elongation and length. These types of hats typically feature medium-sized brims and a flicked edge that create more shape around the face. This can also be done by wearing your hats further back and at the base of your hairline (just before your forehead). A hat with a shallow crown will also do the trick. Try to avoid anything floppy, or hats that are typically worn across your forehead.

Round shape

For those with a rounder face, it’s best to avoid any style that will make your features appear even softer or fuller. Essentially, you’ll need to avoid anything round. Thankfully, there are plenty of hats worth considering, including those with shallow crowns, angular hats, fedora’s, cloche’s and any hat you can position further toward the back of your head. These will help create more length and provided an antidote to the roundness. Hats with angles will always work best as they can help emphasis your bone structure, unlike floppy hats, soft brims and berets.

Square Shaped

For angular face shapes such as square faces, it’s best to search for styles that soften your angles. This includes everything from slouchy and floppy hats to beanies and circular styles – anything that’s easy to throw on and feels effortlessly cool. Keep in mind, hats with a strong angle may accentuate the angles along the jaw, cheekbones or forehead.

Heart Shaped

While wide-brimmed hats may work well for a long face, they don’t tend to do heart-shaped faces any favours. Not only can they make wider faces look, well, wider… they amplify certain features like the jaw and cheekbones. Instead, look for a style that uses a short brim and set angles – such as a soft suede classic cap, baseball cap or something within the fedora family. These styles help support a more narrow-looking jaw because their width doesn’t extend beyond the cheekbones. Hats with a shorter brim and less pronounced crown are ideal because they don’t overwhelm.

Long Face Shaped

If your face tends to be on the longer side, it’s best to avoid pieces that have a shallow crown or are styled with a short brim. These hats will make your face appear even longer, as they tend to be positioned at the top of your hairline. Instead, try to find hats with wide brims and fitted crowns. These elements help create the illusion of width instead of length. Think cowboy styles, sunhats and anything with a wide brim. While Rancher styles are particularly flattering for most face shapes, those with a longer face will get the most out of this style. The dipped crown ensures these hats are form fitting to the top of the head and the brim is 10cm wide, which allows the style to compliment the face without being too overbearing. Just remember the most important thing of all – any hat worn with confidence will never go out of style.