Nepal Fall '22 - Part I

Ready to check out what it looks like behind the scenes? Wanna see how Sunny Life Hats are made? Buckle up, buttercup! We got it comin atcha. We’ll take the 36 hour trek on your behalf. 
From backpack, to hatchback, to van. From local farmers market, to Venice craft show, to large festivals across the country; we’ve put in the sweat equity and received your BOLD support! It started with a fierce belief to stand for what we need to see more of in our daily lives and in the marketplace. The coolest thing is that we all want the same thing; understanding how necessary projects like us are, to balance the scales of popular consumption habits.
Now, we get the chance to share how Sunny Life works. We made it back to the SOURCE so we can show you, first hand, the picture we’ve been painting all these years. First, we have to set the stage and connect with our bonafide counterparts on the other side of the world. Look out for future posts about how this age old process comes to life!

Relationships are what make our world go round;’ well, that and our OBSESSION to act as stewards of the Earth and the cultures we collaborate with and create. Here, we get to witness some faces who help bring what we love to your doorstep. Over the years, we’ve been so careful about who we work with, it’s a blessing to share that our network of crafters and farmers are with those who align with this ethos.

So, down the road we go. Once landing, there was no time to waste! We got checked into our new home for the next few days and met up with the group we deploy our health care camps with (local Lions Club) for some Dal Bhat and final planning of our Uniform Donation Program (check out results HERE). After catching up and eating WAY too much rice, we started to get into the good stuff. 
Hemp cultivation occurs in about 30-some of 77 districts in Nepal. While commercial production isn’t ‘legal,’ there exists communities who cultural curate the fibre with the blessing of local law. From the full cycle of the unindustrialized hemp process to our finishing workshop, we cumulated a comprehensive snapshot of what it takes to turn the HEMP plant into the Sunny Life Hats you love. There is just SO much we can’t wait to share with you! We’re gunna spread the knowledge out across some future posts, so stay tuned in for more coming soon! 

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