New Year, New Hemp

The Sari has been apart of humanity for millennia
Traditionally a women’s garment in India, the Sanskrit meaning is “strip of clothe”
Initially, the Sari was fashioned out of fine cottons; however, as time progressed (CIRCA 2000 BC) colorful silks were intertwined
So much so that the Sari of today are EXPECTED to be silk; emanating a rich,  fantasy of colors
As the production of Sari’s are so vast, repurposing the fibres into yarns and weaving them is a natural progression
Join us in celebrating our newest addition to our sustainable collection of artisan craft:
The recycled Sari Hemp Crochet, fashioned by our beloved Woman’s Crochet Collective
You’ll find all different bits of vibrant rainbow colours dancing in the silk, complimenting the ornate hemp crochet pattern 

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