The People

Dental Camp - January 2020

Mega Health Camp - February 2020


Socially Responsibility

Sunny Life offers a connection we can trust, an example of a conscious business playing its part to benefit humanity. When looking at our foundational operations, we are pretty serious. Paying close attention to who we are working with and the steps involved, is just the beginning. All of our connections are relationships that bloomed through personal experiences; honoring our intention to participate in an authentic trade that serves the Earth and its People. We simply will not work with people who do not respect their workshop and team. This attention to detail doesn't just include compensating well, but it takes the form of excellent working conditions, providing options of accommodation including utilities, and creating consistent work for those involved so that there exists stability within their livelihood.

Since inception, it has been a core intention of this project to be of a positive benefit to those involved and beyond! We are happy to share that, as of last year, we were inducted as a Lion's Club member within the communities that our hats are created. What this means is that we directly contribute to the funding needed to execute dental, medical, and hearing aid camps. These events provide health services to those without the means to access it. Even while this is just the beginning, we hope that these efforts will continue to benefit the communities and hardworking people that surround this project!


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