Sunny Life

This eco-project is composed of honest, hard working, skilled artisans. The easiest way to see how hand-spun this project is, is through understanding the decentralized nature of this cycle, void of industrial influence. The Hemp harvested within the Himalayas takes place in the country-side, outside of agricultural cultivation, as industrial means are not legal, and all the subsequent steps needed to make a finished product occur in different places by various skilled artisans.

Our hats contribute to the lives of many community-rich workers. The hemp is harvested in wild environments, processed into fibre by another group, another group hand-spools, yet another group hand-dyes, then the fibre is sent to the hand-loom or the collective who is skilled in crochet (see it in action), after-which, it is sent to the fair-trade workshop for finishing, and then yet another step to pack before it is sent to us. Our responsibility is to find the market on behalf of all these folks involved. The biggest machines used within this process, apart from the handlooms, would have to be the scooter and the sewing machine. The Hemp Hat is hand curated, using practices that encourage the sustainable nature of the cycle. This is what inspired the confidence to bring the Hemp Hat to the United States.

Since 2017, the project has gone from hatchback to cargo van! The beginning of this project has been all about the people and authentic connection. The focus has been on relationships and the joy of celebrating life with one-another. Because of this, very little online-presence was established. Evolving from a small 4 foot table at a local market in Hawaii, Sunny Life Hats has since been fortunate enough to appear at large music festivals and events across the country.

Now, as we are amidst a global health-crisis, we have the time to set our foundations online. We are hoping to make the right moves on this platform to strengthen the momentum of this growing project.

For the People. For the Earth. For the Trade.

We can't wait to get back on the road and share our labor of love!

Continue to follow the journey and learn more about our dedication to The People in our next blog post 

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